Oh, I hemmed and I hawed: Doane Leather Utility Notebook Cover

I did. I pondered this one for a long time. Seems pricey. Do I need it? You know the mental loop that starts playing when you see something you want but can’t quite justify it? I played that loop over and over and over.

Eventually I cracked, using my favorite argument. Life is short. Buy the stuff you want. Just make sure that you REALLY want it. Which I did.

TA-DA! Behold the Doane Leather Utility Notebook Cover.

Made in the USA.

Genuine Horween Leather.

Cool blue contrast stitching.

When I was a kid, in late August we’d make the annual visit to Karaz Shoes for our new school shoes. Mr. Karaz had crazy Gene Wilder hair and made shoe shopping an OCCASION. After the oh-so important selection was made, I’d sleep with my new shoes next to my bed so that I could see them immediately upon waking and so the subtle leathery scent wafted up to me as I read in bed. The smell of this notebook cover takes me right back to that memory, and I love it for that. It smells good. It feels good. It is good.

I love my digital tools…

but with my analog utility notebooks…

life is good.

8 thoughts on “Oh, I hemmed and I hawed: Doane Leather Utility Notebook Cover

  1. I understand completely! I went through the same hemming and hawing before purchasing a similar leather cover for my pocket notebook from another vendor. But I’m thrilled with the purchase and the cover looks and feels like it will last for generations.

    • I have a couple of fingernail nicks that made me a little crazy at first, but now I think it’s fitting. Life knocks you around but you still hang tough.

    • I was much quicker to order a second so now I have one for work lists and one for home. (The second time I hemmed but did not haw!)

  2. Wow, this looks really nice, and I’m not sure you can beat that wonderful smell of crafted leather.

    I’ve haven’t been able to try Doane paper yet, maybe I should try and get hold of some.

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