Target’s Loss, My Gain: The Pilot Plumix Fountain Pen

The winter’s been very odd here in central NY, but last week we had a couple of bursts of actual blowing and drifting snow. Because of the (momentarily) frigid wind, we did a little mall-walking one evening. More like mall-sauntering, really. Not a lot of calorie burnage going on there. ANYWAY…Fred must’ve downed a carboy of water that day because he had to make a few pitstops, a couple in Sears and one in Target. (It’s like walking with a puppy, I swear.)

I know what you’re saying…SNOW? MALL? BATHROOM BREAKS? GET TO THE PEN! And so I shall.

While Fred was using the facilities in Target, I hit the office supplies aisle, as per usual. Not much there to get the pen juices flowing, but I poked around and pawed through dinged up, marked down journals and scanned the pen displays. Then, BINGO. There was a dotted line from my eyes————– to this package (just like in the comics):

My find was marked down from $6.14 to $4.28. After thinking that the prices were odd ($6.14?), I knew that the snow and the mall-walking and the excessive water consumption had put me right where I was supposed to be. And so I slapped down four singles, one quarter, and three pennies, and had myself a new Pilot Plumix.


(The cap looks like a little space capsule, doesn’t it?)

I love how the packaging points out that it’s a “REAL FOUNTAIN PEN!” (As opposed to…?) But what it doesn’t say is that it’s an ITALIC fountain pen. At first that threw me. But then I just started writing like I normally do, and wow, my handwriting became…ummm…instantly italicky. Cool.

You never know where a day will take you. Maybe karma will flop you down in front a fun little pen.


13 thoughts on “Target’s Loss, My Gain: The Pilot Plumix Fountain Pen

  1. Had gotten one of these two years ago in a purple body – love it except they don’t sell the refills for these at the same place I purchased mine (at Staples). Luckily, JetPens sells them online. Yeah, I like the idea that my handwriting suddenly becomes “italicky”, too. My office mate (you know him) thought I had printed my handwritten note to him via a computer. 🙂

  2. Whaaat! You lucky duck finding that on clearance! I recently purchased a FULL-PRICED one at Target!! What an atrocity. I am pleased with it but I wouldn’t have minded it on clearance either. I may head over just in case my local Target has them on clearance too. Well done!

    • Our Target is being reorganized to put in a fresh food section so they’re forever shuffling areas around and putting stuff on sale. The orange tags instantly draw my eye…no matter what it is!

  3. I have one of those, and one of the mini versions (Pluminix?) too. I think they’re both kinda cute and brilliant 😀

  4. Our Target discontinued these. They discontinued the Rhodia notebooks too. (The Heathens! The Barbarians!) But I was able to get the black one, a blue one, and a purple one before they disappeared. I wanted a clear one, too.

    ANYWAY, you can get ink converters for them at JetPens, too. That way you can use bottled ink and thereby any color you could imagine. LOVE these pens!

  5. I was just at my Target yesterday, before reading this post), looking for a black body Plumix fountain pen. Couldn’t find them in the spot on the pen isle where they were suppose to be. Just about gave up. Decided to browse the clearance section. Sitting there, at 50% off, was one lonely little black bodied Plumix fountain pen. Was $6.14, paid $3.07 (+tax). Drives me crazy that a black bodied pen would write blue (and the other way around), but I have some black for it that I got online. Love the italicy writhing, too. 🙂

    • Hmmmph…mine was only a 30% discount (I actually did the MATH). But still a find! I ALWAYS write in black (due to sciencey type jobs with lab notebook requirements) so the blue ink was like a little vacation for me.

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