Adventures in dusting: Pilot Cavalier Hi-Tec-C 0.4mm

I was blowing dust off of dusting my nightstand on Saturday and caught a glimpse of a certain pen in the pen cup that’s a nightstand fixture. The cup was made by a local potter who holds a pottery yard sale every other August. I always swoop in and pick up a few of his handmade treasures…almost always for pen storage. This cup is narrow and only holds just a few pencils and pens…perfect for bedside storage. Well, look…

Oddly enough I:
1) RARELY write in books;
2) read e-books almost exclusively
so pens and pencils are not really needed by the bed, but there they are. I suppose a great idea COULD strike at any time. And when it does, I’m ready.

So with the blowing dusting done, I selected the long-neglected silver Pilot Cavalier Hi-Tec-C (0.4mm) from the cup and did a little scribbling on an index card. (“WOW…NICE pen.” I think I actually said this out loud.) And it’s been with me ever since. Despite its lengthy stand-by status, it wrote on the first try…crisp, clean, and dark.

The body is slim and the lines are classic. Despite the slim size, this pen feels substantial and weighty (in a good way). Really well-balanced.

My favorite part of the body is the satisfying way the cap clicks into place when the pen is recapped or the cap is posted. I can’t stop playing with it (sort of like popping bubble wrap). Really, I can’t.

The ink is gel, so the 0.4mm line is fine and neat and smooth. And like I said, it wrote immediately, even after months of neglect.

The Hi-Tec-C at work…a true professional.

Love the 0.4mm tip. Yup.

The lesson here? I should probably dust more often.

2 thoughts on “Adventures in dusting: Pilot Cavalier Hi-Tec-C 0.4mm

    • According to a review on, someone mentioned that the refill is water-resistant. I scribbled on an index card, let it dry, then ran a damp finger over the ink, and had a little smearing, but not much. One note…the refill for this pen is not interchangeable with the regular Hi-Tec-C.

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