Yes, there’s ink. But is there joy?

I started stalking the InkJoy pens at Staples as soon as I stumbled onto the big display with its array of leashed pens and scratch pads for public scribbling. I always make scribbly circles on these in-store pen test drive pads…no words. I wonder why that is? (Riveting stuff, my questions.)

Initially I fought down the urge to buy a pack because, have I mentioned, I HAVE ENOUGH PENS?! But then there was a Staples internet coupon, and who has the willpower to resist pens AND $2.00 off. Not me.

The InkJoy line comes in a numbered series, sort of like BMWs (except not). This link explains the differences between the 100, 300, 500, and 700 series. I chose the 500RT series because Staples’ stock was pretty well ravaged. Buzzards circled the few remaining packs. I probably would’ve chosen this series anyway, because of the colors, the RT (retractable) version, and the look of the grip. Shoo..buzzards.

So…how do they write? The line is 1.0mm…pretty bold. The colors are fairly dark/saturated, especially for ballpoint inks, and the inks are decently smooth. Not quite Jetstream or Surari smooth, but a step (or two) up as far as the usual Papermate fare goes.

My only beef is with the tip size. 1.0 mm is broader than I’m used to writing with (now that I’ve discovered 0.38, 0.4, and 0.5 mm pens) so the line feels less precise and just a little messy…not super crisp, is what I’m saying. And sometimes there’s that annoying little blob of ink when you first put the pen to paper. Once the blob clears (and it’s not ALWAYS there), the experience is pretty good.

So is there JOY? Mmmmmm…maybe more satisfaction than outright joy. Which is not necessarily a bad thing.



Edited to add:

This morning at Staples…

All gone. Even the tied down display pen. Hah!

5 thoughts on “Yes, there’s ink. But is there joy?

  1. I bought 1 package of 2 black 500rt inkjoys from Walmart. The ink is smooth but the occasional blob of ink is a deal breaker for me buying more of these pens . I hope they make them in 7mm point maybe that will stop the ink blobbing . .

  2. I’ve used papermate lubriglide ink pens for years and love the blobing. When inkjoy came out I thought, “cool.” lets see what the they have done, but what a dissappointment. It’s a Jetstream pen in a papermate body and I won’t go into their new body shapes. A good ballpoint should have some drag and good heavy color. Papermate needs to abandon inkjoy and go back to lubriglide ink.

  3. Holy cow! I’m not the only one obsessed with pens?! I seriously thought it was just me and I had some serious issues (jury is still out on that part). I have only read this entry, but will peruse more when I have a chance. Out of curiosity, do you still carry a paper calendar? 😉

    • ALL OF US penfolk think that we’re the only ones obsessed with this stuff. Turns out there’s a wonderful community!! Need some more resources…blogs? podcasts?…I can point you in the right direction! Glad you found “your people”!!

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