A few years back, I ordered a watch from Cross (during their annual sale), and it arrived in a beautiful leather (or leather-like?) box:

I stuck the empty box in a dresser drawer and let it languish for years. It was one of those tricky items…too nice to throw away, but a little bulky to store forever. Then, one night, lightbulb over head! Hey, I thought, I’ll use it to make a little traveling office. So that’s exactly what I did. Here’s what it now holds:

Baby stapler:

Forever stamps:

Pencil Shield pencils from Baseball Hall of Fame game:

Pilot G-2 Minipen:

Well-worn eraser:

Glue stick (just in case):

*Lamy Pico ballpoint pen:

Binder clips:

Scotch brand Pop-Up Tape:

The whole shebang:

So now I’m ready for just about anything (office-wise), just about anywhere. And the wonderful Cross box is no longer collecting dust. Win-win.


* While I love the now-you-see it/now-you-don’t mechanism of this pen, Lamy’s ballpoint ink refills leave me cold. The black ink is too grey for me and writing with it feels draggy rather than smooth. But it’s fine for occasional use. (When will Lamy improve the state of their ballpoint inks, she asked hopefully.)

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