Pilot Petit 1

I found this stubby fountain pen, the Pilot Petit 1, languishing in a pen case that I haven’t pawed through lately. I fully expected the ink to be dried up, but this little trooper wrote like a champ despite weeks (maybe months?) without use.


Feathering of the ink is very minimal, though there is a bit of bleed-through to the reverse side of this Moleskine journal page. Nothing horrible, though. And I’ve been using it to make notes on index cards (a favorite system for compiling lists and ideas). It’s really a fun little pen, and could be easily carried in your pocket. There’s a satisfying snap when you replace the cap, so the danger of leaking seems to be low (but don’t quote me on that).

I’m sure I ordered this from www.jetpens.com, but who knows when. I started using Lamy fountain pens more consistently, and must’ve let this one fall by the wayside. But now it’s rejoined the land of the living, and I’m using it tonight to jot down some thoughts for 2012…not exactly resolutions, but things I want to work on throughout the year. Like starting and maintaining this pen blog.

Here’s a toast to review #1. And I’ll work on my photography skills, but at least it’s a start.

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